Power on with PacLease

DAF Rent Lease Melbourne PacLease

Olen Hunter (PacLease) and Craig Egan (Just in Time Transport)

Australian truck operators have welcomed PACCAR Australia’s entry into the full-service truck rental and leasing market. The company’s global subsidiary, PacLease has seen phenomenal growth worldwide off a worldwide trend, one that’s creating a lot of interest among local fleet operators.

“Customers are recognising the value of outsourcing fleet management services,” PacLease Australia’s Director, Olen Hunter explained. “With PacLease, PACCAR Australia is leveraging the broad experience of its dealer network to serve this growing market.”

Initially, PacLease will be operating from the Kenworth DAF Melbourne dealership in Laverton, Vic. One of the first fleets to use PacLease’s services was Just In Time Transport (JITT), in Romsey, Vic.

“We run all semis… Kenworth cab-overs,” JITT’s Craig Egan explained. “We had a short term contract that required a rigid so we approached PacLease who provided a DAF LF55.

“We’ve since used PacLease on another contract. On both instances it’s worked out really well… great equipment, ideal for the job. Just like operating our own trucks.”

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